kolmapäev, 9. mai 2018

From Rivera's Groove Box #272: Dirtytwo - Trapped!

NYC styled deep garage feeling tracks just get me going. Today I woke up, my girlfriend still sleeping, and I couldn't even remember what I saw in my dreams. But I felt the need to listen to some good house music, and this came the first in my mind. Love and house music, that's the two main things that help me get through the day. Great chords, classic Todd Terry styled drum rolls, vocals lent from Colonel Abrams. Althought it isn't a fresh idea, it still really sounds helluva fine.

neljapäev, 12. aprill 2018

From Rivera's Groove Box #271: DJ Spielberg - In Your Eyes

A nice lo-fi house rendition of Groove Theory's 'Tell Me' from the enchanted to Laura Dern fanatic DJ Spielberg.

reede, 23. märts 2018

From Rivera's Groove Box #270: DJ Q - Tracking

Just one word: banger! DJ Q used an E-mu SP-1200 sampler for this track, which gives the beats and samples this amazing lo-fi gritty crushed sound. This distinctive sound, often said to capture the 'warmth' of vinyl has sustained demand for the SP-1200 more than thirty years after its discontinuation, despite the introduction of DAWs and samplers/sequencers with far superior technical specifications. Moodymann has one. Todd Terry did his classic works with it. And I'd like to get my hands on one of these bad boys!

neljapäev, 1. märts 2018

From Rivera's Groovebox #269: Hula Feat. Dana - Men (Vox Mix)

What a nice and lovely undiscovered soulful house gem from 1995. Hula always stayed more underground, while his production buddy from 'This Is Acid' - Maurice Joshua - kinda went more mainstream with watered down bubblegum crap.

kolmapäev, 28. veebruar 2018

From Rivera's Groovebox #268: Interplanetary Criminal - Light Years Apart

Sometimes I feel like being light years apart with everyone else. Great track, amazing break with that nice Korg M1 sounding 'Robin S' organ bassline synth.

neljapäev, 22. veebruar 2018

From Rivera's Groovebox #267: Rezzett - Worst Ever Contender

Rezzett is back, and this time with an album. And it does sound gorgeous. No other lo-fi dance music acts haven't really mastered the distorted fuzzy crushed sounds as well as Rezzett does.

kolmapäev, 24. jaanuar 2018

From Rivera's Groove Box #266: West Coast Swingaz - Got 2 B Houz

For me, one of the biggest influence has always been the rough sound of Chicago house music. Chicago house just feels so right. This track is not from Chicago, and it certainly isn't from the eighties, but it is crafted delicately to sound like it really could be. Call it a tribute.