Teisipäev, 10. mai 2022

From Rivera's Groove Box #443: Uku Kuut - Free Free-e-e-e AO (Admix_M)

An unreleased track from Estonian musician Uku Kuut together with her mom Maryn. They're both deceased now, they had a rough life - with Maryn being exiled and non-favored from Estonia during the Soviet Union occupation. She went with the maiden name Marju Kuut back then and was an established estrada singer (she did an amazing bossa-nova album you can find on Youtube - Marju Kuut & Uno Loop FULL ALBUM, Bossa Nova, 1971, Estonia, USSR). They travelled from Sweden to the US and tried to start a career as soul-funk-r&b producers. They actually owned a super-sweet studio, but because of being foreigners in a total different culture, they did not have the success they hoped for and eventually came back to the freshly independent-gained Estonia in the early 90s. Back home in native land they worked with different projects, including pop music and being studio musicians, producers. Uku Kuut developed ALS and almost full body paralysis, dying in 2017. Maryn resided mostly in Sweden and was really reclusive in her last years, dying april 2022. I ripped this track from an Estonian radio show. I think it's amazing and I hope whoever has the rights to release it, will do so someday in the future. Hopefully! 

From Rivera's Groove Box #442: Giuseppe Scarano - In Your Own

Really loving the latest Giuseppe Scarano EP, it takes skill to flip a sample in such a nice delicate way (Zhane's 1994 cover of Evelyn Champagne King 'Shame').

Laupäev, 30. aprill 2022

From Rivera's Groove Box #441: Blankk Transit - Peace Touch

Another alias of talented Chicago deep house producer and musician Darren Brandon. Some of his best works have been recorded under the names of Club Ice ('Manhassett') and Nature Love ('Dance Traxx EP' together with Black Ice Productions).

From Rivera's Groove Box #440: Soundstudio - Track 440

Banging modulations and thumping drums on this 127 beats per minute acid house stomper, produced by Frank Timm, who is best known for his Sound Stream alias.

Esmaspäev, 18. aprill 2022

From Rivera's Groove Box #438: Creative Swing Alliance - In My Arms

Great underground goodness from the Strasbourg duo. So minimal, but very well crafted track, where the strong groove carries the whole track and it grabs your attention. These kind of tunes are the best.

Kolmapäev, 30. märts 2022

From Rivera's Groove Box #437: Todd Edwards - Steal Your Heart

Todd Edwards brought his unique cut-up style samples and grooves into house music and influenced many, particularly in the UK garage house scene. Absolute legend. This track was released on a 1995 various artist vinyl sampler from New  Jersey's i! Records - 3rd Avenue Project EP. I feel Todd's tracks are the best from his early days.

Laupäev, 26. veebruar 2022

From Rivera's Groove Box #436: Conspiracy Dubz - All I Need

Conspiracy Dubz is an upcoming hot UK garage talent who is mostly known for his very limited vinyl releases. Very nice tracks, which definitely need a wider release, so all garage heads worldwide can enjoy his music. His productions are serious heavyweight ammo for the crate!

Neljapäev, 24. veebruar 2022

From Rivera's Groove Box #435: Greg Cash - Trax Of Joy

Greg Cash played an important role influencing the funky and deep garage house sound and making it bigger in the UK and US scene, especially with his label Bumpin' City Records. Even when being semi-retired from the music biz, he is still loved by many. But I myself discovered his music from a second hand records yard sale. It was a good day.

Pühapäev, 13. veebruar 2022

From Rivera's Groove Box #434: Barrio Debajo - I Need Ya

Early New York house influenced cut from Phil Asher, most people probably went for the A-side main track, "Gotta Let Yourself Go", which sampled the fabulous "Get Down On Saturday Night" from Oliver Cheatham. Overall described as a sleeper hit from active DJs from that era.